Mini Service

Mini Service at BM Centre covers everything your Mini will need to keep running well and stay in top condition.

We have recently completed our new Mini service garage which extends our capability and means we can handle much more work than we previously could.

That means new customers who need the Mini servicing but don’t want to pay main dealer prices. Here at BM Centre we can service your Mini in less time with less waiting and more efficiency.

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mini service

Our new service centre building mid way through being fitted out. The new service centre is fully completed and operational servicing clients cars to the highest standards.

Being located mid way between Nottingham and Leicester we are perfectly situated to able to handle all of the Nottingham and Leicester customers that pass us by on the A46 and drop in and reserve a service.

bmw service centre
bmw service reception

Regardless of which model Mini you have or its age, we will be able to give it a comprehensive service and should it require any repairs or parts we will also be able to assist you.

mini service

The standard Mini service usually consists of:

  • Oil Service – Renew oil and oil filter
  • Engine Oil top-ups – Required between services
  • Renew micro-filter(s) – Renew air conditioning micro-filter / activated charcoal container
  • Renew air filter(s)
  • Renew spark plugs (petrol models only)
  • Renew fuel filter (diesel models only)
book a mini service

Why not get in touch with us and discuss the Mini service options and see how much you could save by using BM Centre for your next service.

mini service
mini service

You can either email us at or call us now on 01664 820020